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Vision: The best and fairest Swiss chocolate


Our Team


Our Team

At Chocolats Halba, our highly trained, professional employees expertly transform your sweet wishes into reality.

A team of 240 permanent employees supplemented by seasonal staff work at Chocolats Halba to produce tailor-made chocolate for you. As an attentive partner, our employees transform the first sweet idea into a delicious product according to your individual wishes, which reaches the shelves on time and is a hit with the public. Innovations are part of our daily business, which is why we invest in training for our employees.

Vision: The best and fairest Swiss chocolate

Our passion is to produce the best and fairest Swiss chocolate. Thereof: customers, consumers, cocoa farmers, environment and climate as well as Chocolats Halba should profit from this added value.


Customer focus
We help to make our customers even more successful

Balance between economic, environmental and social issues on all levels of the value chain

The best chocolate experience with a clear conscience

New solutions for customers and consumers, cocoa farmers, suppliers, the environment, the climate, Chocolats Halba and our employees

Guarantee cost awareness and productivity throughout the entire value chain


Swiss watches, Swiss mountains and Swiss chocolate are well-known and well-loved all over the world. To ensure we provide our customers with the best quality and reliability, our chocolate is manufactured exclusively at our locations in Switzerland.

Of course, we think beyond our national borders for everything else: we work directly in the growing areas and act as a service-oriented partner for our customers around the globe.


Based in

Pratteln, Schweiz


Coop Genossenschaft, Switzerland




CHF 135 million


16'500 t






Fairtrade Max Havelaar, Bio Suisse, USDA Organic, COR Canada Organic, FSC, UTZ, Carbon Neutral Product

all labels


ISO 9001, FSSC, Bio Suisse, USDA Organic, COR Canada Organic, Fairtrade International, UTZ, RSPO

all certificates

Corporate Culture

Our passion is at 79.95 °Celsius.

Passion is an attitude that motivates us to invent new chocolates every single day. You have to really experience it, to ensure it is more than just an empty, abstract word. For us at Chocolats Halba, it represents affinity and attention to detail. Affinity means to always listen to the concerns of our customers, employees and partners. We develop solutions in dialogue together, which may well be unconventional! What's important is to define clear, forward-looking objectives. Our direct link with producers and the roots of cocoa production is one result of this attitude. As a Swiss chocolatier we enjoy the privilege of manufacturing a luxurious product for connoisseurs. You can sense this joy of the product and all its components in our company. Attention to detail means striving for excellence on all levels. Here we rely on each and every employee to do their bit. Attention to detail is also a duty to look for things that may not be immediately obvious.