Enjoyment with a clear conscience

by Administrator


Our Ecuador chocolate meets the highest standards for fair trade and environmentally friendly cultivation. Why is this so important to us? Andreas Hasler, Head of Marketing and Sales at Chocolats Halba, explains it in the video.

For our high-quality Ecuador chocolate we only use fine cocoa of the variety Nacional Arriba. This variety is known for its unique floral taste and is a speciality appreciated by connoisseurs around the globe.

The Arriba cocoa comes from our FINCA project in Ecuador. In this project, we are promoting the mixed cultivation of cocoa with fruits, vegetables and timber trees. We train local farmers to become trainers who pass on their knowledge to others. The result: intact nature, higher income for the farmers, guaranteed deliveries of fine cocoa - and fine organic Fairtrade chocolate. Our motto: #MixItFixIt.

We received the Swiss Ethics Award for the FINCA project at the beginning of 2018. The jury's verdict: "sweet temptation without moral error and blame".


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