Fight against deforestation: good grades for Chocolats Halba

by Hanspeter Huber

With handwork against the disappearance of the rainforests: Reforestation project in Peru.

Recognition for the sustainability commitment of Chocolats Halba: In the study "Behind the Wrapper" by the US environmental organisation Mighty Earth on deforestation in the cocoa industry, Chocolats Halba is classified as a "best-in-class company". In other words, as a model for chocolate manufacturers who do little or nothing to conserve rainforests. The Spiegel Online portal also praises Chocolats Halba for "planting hundreds of thousands of trees in recent years".

Well over 300,000 trees planted
Since 2011 Chocolats Halba has been offsetting all operational CO2 emissions in a reforestation project in Honduras. The company is offsetting the emissions of individual chocolate products in a reforestation project in Peru. Since 2011, well over 300,000 trees have been planted.

In addition, Chocolats Halba takes a revolutionary approach to combating environmental problems such as deforestation: in all its cocoa countries of origin it has launched projects for dynamic agroforestry. Cocoa is planted in mixed instead of monoculture together with other fruit trees and precious woods. Motto: #MixItFixIt. The mixing leads to improved biodiversity and soil fertility. The cocoa harvests increase and the farmers profit from additional income from the sale of precious woods and fruits. This reduces the risk of farmers entering protected forests in search of fertile soil.

The agroforestry project in Ecuador was awarded the Swiss Ethics Award for "outstanding ethical achievements" at the beginning of 2018.

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