"Fighting Climate Change and Poverty with Agroforestry"

by Hanspeter Huber

One plantation - many different plants: Thanks to agroforestry, farmers diversify their incomes.

Huge density of trees, intensive training of the cocoa farmers and access to market for diversification products such as mango, bananas or cassava: Petra Heid, Head of Sustainability at Chocolats Halba, explains our projects for dynamic agroforestry in this large interview with the World Cocoa Foundation. And: She reveals how much the farmers of our FINCA project in Ecuador earn more thanks to mixed instead of mono cultivation.

The FINCA project in Ecuador received the Swiss Ethics Award for "outstanding ethical achievements" at the beginning of 2018. In this project we promote cocoa cultivation by means of dynamic agroforestry, a revolutionary approach: cocoa is planted in mixed instead of monoculture together with other fruit trees and timber trees. In a highly diversified environment with a closed nutrient cycle. The mixing leads to improved biodiversity and soil fertility. The trees store water, prevent erosion and protect the climate. The farmers earn more thanks to higher cocoa harvests and additional income from the sale of timber trees and fruits. Motto: #MixItFixIt.

Since 2011, Chocolats Halba has been offsetting operational CO2 emissions and product emissions in reforestation projects in Honduras and Peru. Every day, Chocolats Halba plants 140 trees to reforest forests and protect the climate.

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