How sustainable is our cocoa from Ecuador really?

by Hanspeter Huber

The journey begins: the scouts from German-, French- and Italian-speaking Switzerland.

Our mother company Coop sends four "sustainability scouts" to Ecuador. They check on the spot how sustainable our organic and Fairtrade cocoa from the country really is. The scouts visit farms of our partner cooperative UNOCACE. They talk to cocoa farmers and their families, get to know our FINCA project and take part in agroforestry training.

The scouts continuously share their experiences via Social Media.
On the Facebook-Seite von Chocolats Halba we compile the best pictures and videos every day.

FINCA project - awarded commitment
In 2016 we launched the FINCA project in Ecuador - together with UNOCACE, Coop and Swisscontact. We are promoting the sustainable cultivation of cocoa with a revolutionary method: dynamic agroforestry, a mixed cultivation of cocoa with fruits, vegetables and timber trees. The result: intact nature, climate protection, higher income for farmers and fine organic fair trade chocolate for Coop. For the FINCA project, Chocolats Halba received the Swiss Ethics Award in 2018. Our motto: #MixItFixIt.

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