Now online: 2018 Sustainability Report by Chocolats Halba/Sunray

by Hanspeter Huber


98% certified cocoa beans, 84% renewable energy, 133 trees planted daily for climate protection: Chocolats Halba/Sunray publishes its first joint sustainability report. The two Coop production plants merged in 2017 and since then have been jointly producing high-quality chocolates, snacks and baking ingredients.

The Sustainability Report provides information on our successes and challenges in fiscal 2017/2018, during which time we increased sales of products with a sustainability label by a quarter (see chart below). We increased the proportion of certified cocoa beans purchased (organic, Fairtrade, Utz) to 98%. In Madagascar, we launched another pioneering project for mixed cocoa cultivation, dynamic agroforestry. In 2018, our agroforestry project in Ecuador received the Swiss Ethics Award.

Focus for the next few years: Climate protection
"We have already reached a number of milestones, but we are far from at the end of our commitment," explains Anton von Weissenfluh, CEO of Chocolats Halba/Sunray. A special focus will be placed on climate protection in the coming years. "Since 2011, we have planted almost 400,000 trees to offset climate change. We want to increase this number further. In the future, we want to use well over 90% renewable energies in our factory."


From 2016 to 2018, we increased sales of products with sustainability labels by a quarter.
Since 2014, we have doubled it.

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