"A real innovation": our FINCA project in Ecuador

by Hanspeter Huber

Annina Böhlen, Sustainability Project Manager at Chocolats Halba, explains the FINCA project.

How does Chocolats Halba intend to revolutionize cocoa cultivation? We were able to answer this question yesterday evening at the "Innovative Chocolate Projects" exhibition in Bern. We presented our FINCA project in Ecuador to the assembled Swiss chocolate industry, in which we have been promoting the mixed cultivation of cocoa with other crops since 2016.

Behind the exhibition was the Esprit Chocolat information campaign of the Swiss Foundation for the Cocoa and Chocolate Industry. The Board of Trustees had selected ten projects and inventions from the fields of "Technology", "Economy" and "Sustainability" from numerous applications. For Chocolats Halba, the exhibition was further confirmation of her position as a sustainability pioneer in the Swiss chocolate industry.

Award-winning FINCA project
Chocolats Halba received the Swiss Ethics Award 2018 for the FINCA project in Ecuador. With the support of our parent company Coop, we are promoting the cultivation of Arriba fine cocoa with a revolutionary method: dynamic agroforestry, a mixed cultivation of cocoa with fruits, vegetables and timber trees. The result: intact nature, climate protection, higher income for farmers and organic fair trade fine chocolate. Our motto: #MixItFixIt.

As part of the project, in which Swisscontact is involved as local project coordinator, over 200,000 cocoa plants and over 30,000 other trees have already been planted. Chocolats Halba has created two dark Naturaplan chocolates for Coop from the aromatic Arriba beans.

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