Employee trip to Peru

by Administrator

¡Viva Perú! In May, 10 employees of Chocolats Halba traveled to Peru. There they helped on the cocoa plantation of our partner cooperative ACOPAGRO. They visited our reforestation project, got to know the challenges in cocoa cultivation and explored the Amazon rainforest. The reactions of the participants: "exciting, surprising, unforgettable".

Every year since 2011, Chocolats Halba sends a group of employees from all sectors on a trip to one of our cocoa origin countries. By visiting our producers, we intensify the partnership, promote the cultural exchange and develop know-how within our company. After the trip, the participants of the employee trip pass on their knowledge and impressions to their colleagues. The cooperative ACOPAGRO is located in the Peruvian catchment area of ​​the Amazon. Chocolats Halba does not only source cocoa from ACOPAGRO - in cooperation with the cooperative, we also offset customers' CO2 emissions. The reforestation project is certified with the "Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)".



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