Sustainability Report 2016 is online

by Jörn Treskow

100% climate-neutral, 94% beans processed with the Fairtrade label, 78% of sales generated with certified products. Chocolats Halba's new sustainability report is dedicated to the 2015 and 2016 financial years, which were characterized by the establishment of the factory in Pratteln. At the same time, the company increased sales of sustainable products, raised the number of planted timber trees (over 300,000 since 2011!) and launched additional dynamic agroforestry projects – a pioneering approach to sustainable cocoa production.

“Sustainable chocolate is THE success factor for Chocolats Halba”, explains Anton von Weissenfluh, Head of Chocolats Halba. The company aims to continue expanding its sustainability commitment in the next few years, for instance with a fully certified cocoa sourcing chain. Von Weissenfluh: “It’s important to us that everyone along the value chain benefits – from the cocoa farmer to the consumer.”

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