Climate Neutrality

Chocolats Halba is climate-neutral since 2011. The carbon footprint of Chocolats Halba – the CO2 emissions the company generates – was for the first time the subject of a joint analysis with the non-profit myclimate foundation in 2008. According to the analysis, Chocolats Halba emitted 3387 tonnes of CO2 in 2008. Energy consumption, particularly of electricity and of gas for heating purposes, was by far the biggest cause of these emissions.


Mainly on account of switching from conventional electricity to hydroelectric power, Chocolats Halba was able to cut the company's CO2 emissions by 27% in 2010. The company reduced its carbon footprint per chocolate bar by almost half.


To achieve climate neutrality, the company has been offsetting all remaining corporate emissions directly in its own value chain since 2011. Chocolats Halba is working with its partner cooperatives on reforestation projects in which smallhold farmers plant hardwood trees in addition to producing Halba cocoa. The reforestation project in Peru has been certified for emissions trading. In 2015, the project in Honduras will be certified for emissions trading in accordance with the "Gold Standard" – an accreditation for offset projects that also promote sustainable development in the countries and support local communities.