Ecuador is one of our sourcing countries for fine flavor cocoa. From the South America Country we purchase the so called "Cacao Nacional Arriba". This cocoa stands out due to its unique flavours which result in a rich and delicious chocolate.

Corporación Fortaleza del Valle and UNOCACE

The Agraria Cacaotera Fortaleza del Valle cooperative was established in 2005 with the aim of improving cocoa farmers' living conditions. Around 900 farmer families benefit from it. For example, they receive training on how to switch to organic farming and obtain assistance in technical and farming-related matters from the cooperative's own agricultural scientists. The cooperative's overriding characteristic is that it only sells high-quality "Cacao Nacional". Also our new partner cooperative UNOCACE is specialized in producing high quality fine flavour "Cacao Nacional". The cooperative was founded in 1999 with the aim of promoting the cultivation of "Cacao Nacional Arriba". By UNOCACE is represented in 12 regions, counts 900 members and produces more than 1.000 tons of "Cacao Nacional" annually. 100% of our Ecuador cocoa is labelled organic and fairtrade.