Although hazelnuts make up less than five percent of the raw materials purchased by Halba each year, they constitute an important issue due to their social impact and the fact that around 85 percent of the hazelnuts available worldwide are used to produce chocolate.
During the harvest season, thousands of migrant workers come to work as harvest helpers in the growing regions of Turkey, which accounts for over 70 percent of global production. They often work in poor conditions and live in camps on the edge of the plantations. Children, too, are frequently engaged in heavy labour.
We aim at source 100% of our hazelnuts sustainably until the end of 2016. As Turkey, the main supplier of high-quality hazelnuts, is not a Fairtrade country and UTZ-certified hazelnuts are unlikely to be available in the market until 2016, Chocolats Halba will until then look to the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) standard when purchasing hazelnuts. This advocates compliance with basic working conditions in Turkish production. Additionally, we will strengthen our supplier relations. We will support them to comply with the social production standards.