We create sustainable enjoyment with great passion, responsibility, competency and innovative drive.

Chocolats Halba / Sunray

Chocolats Halba / Sunray produces unique-tasting Swiss chocolate and innovative snacks such as nuts or dried fruit that provide true enjoyment. Together with our partners we efficiently and reliably develop chocolate and snacks which are second to none in terms of quality. Our on-trend Swiss chocolate and snacks are created with passion, skill and innovative drive. 

We are completely committed to sustainability and take responsibility for this from raw material cultivation right through to product enjoyment: as trustworthy sustainability pioneers, we are involved in innovative sustainability projects in the countries of origin, and we ensure we have a regular exchange of information with our customers, suppliers and partners.


Unique-tasting Swiss chocolate and innovative snacks that provide true enjoyment.

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B2B services

A wide range of products with many different flavours, formats and packaging options.

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Top quality products thanks to excellent ingredients, recipes and certified production.

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Commitment to sustainability throughout the entire value chain.

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