Action Plan to help end deforestation and restore forests in Ghana

by Hanspeter Huber

Working together for sustainable cocoa cultivation: agroforestry training in Ghana.

Today Chocolats Halba published its Action Plan to help end deforestation and restore forests in the cocoa sector of Ghana. The Action Plan covers the years 2018-2022 and describes Chocolats Halba's contribution to the Cocoa & Forests Initiative (CFI), a new public-private partnership bringing together the governments of Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana and the cocoa and chocolate industry.

The central component of our Action Plan is a pioneering project in Kumasi (Ghana) with partners from the public and private sector. This project is the first worldwide to combine cocoa cultivation in dynamic agroforestry with CO2 insetting according to the Gold Standard.

Important activities of our Action Plan 2018-2022 include:

  • Train 400 farmers in the methods of dynamic agroforestry (DAF). Train further 1000 farmers in good agricultural practices including Climate Smart Cocoa, crop diversification and the renunciation of slash-and-burn.
  • Promote crop diversification to have at least 2900 farmers use this method.
  • Convert at least 400 hectares of monocultures into DAF plantations
    under organic management.
  • Have the entire 400 hectares of DAF plantations certified according to the
    Gold Standard for CO2 insetting.
  • Distribute 500,000 multi-purpose-trees (approx. 60,000 fruit trees,
    40,000 Cashew seedlings, 83,000 timber trees, and 400,000 biomass trees).
  • Distribute 300,000 improved seedlings to rehabilitate 400 hectares
    of degraded cocoa plantations.
  • Increase productivity on DAF plots by 30% compared to monocultures
    due to improved seedlings and farming practices.

For Chocolats Halba, the participation in the CFI is a meaningful addition to their sustainability commitment. As a pioneer of sustainable practice in the Swiss chocolate industry, Chocolats Halba already introduced measures in 2011 to tackle deforestation and restore forest areas: 98% of our cocoa is certified as sustainable by means of at least one of the following labels: Fairtrade, UTZ or organic. We have launched dynamic agroforestry projects in all our cocoa-producing countries. Since 2011 we have planted almost 390'000 trees via reforestation projects in our cocoa-producing countries Honduras and Peru. That is 133 trees a day.


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