Test winner Swiss Confisa

Swiss Confisa best chocolate with nut pieces

Fairly good organic chocolate.
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Swiss Confisa, a brand of Chocolats Halba, is a test winner for milk chocolate with pieces of hazelnut. In an independent test by well-known German consumer organization Stiftung Warentest, organic Fairtrade "Lait Noisettes" won over the jury with its very good sensory characteristics. This result underscores Chocolats Halba's competence as a manufacturer of sustainable Swiss premium chocolate.

Organic Fairtrade product with outstanding sensory characteristics

Sensory characteristics are the most important criterion for consumers and therefore also the independent testers. Stiftung Warentest placed great emphasis on questions such as "How does the chocolate smell and taste?" and "Does it melt in the mouth?". The enjoyment factor eventually made up more than half of the overall assessment by the Stiftung Warentest jury.

Four out of 26 products were awarded the mark of "very good" in the sensory tests – one of which was Swiss Confisa. The chocolate is one of the three best products tested in the category of milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts or pieces of hazelnuts. It is therefore also the best organic Fairtrade product tested.

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