Sustainability does not pursue only short-term goals, but takes a long-term view that considers the interests of all individuals. Without a motivated team and strong partners, this would not be possible. Therefore Chocolats Halba provides targeted training and development for its employees. The people who work at Chocolats Halba are employees of Coop, a company that prides itself on being a socially responsible employer.

Sustainability ambassadors

Every year, with the aim of making sustainability a firmly established part of everyday work and home life, Halba enables a selection of particularly dedicated employees to travel to one of the cocoa-growing countries. On the ground, they see how Halba works together with the small farmers and cooperatives and what its initiatives achieve. Since 2011, 10 percent of the workforce has visited the cooperatives in Honduras and Peru. Over 35 percent of them were not members of management. They all return as ambassadors of sustainability.