The Kuapa Kokoo cooperative was established in 1993 during the liberalization of Ghana's domestic cocoa market. The cooperative was the first to achieve Fairtrade certification in 1995. The members of Kuapa Kokoo are committed to the principles of "Pa Pa Paa", which in Ghana translates into the "best of the best". Ghana's exquisite Forastero is the ideal cocoa bean in this respect.

Social and environmental challenges

As a consequence of the extreme poverty approximately 2 million children are engaged in hazardous labour on cocoa plantations in West Africa. Therefore Chocolats Halba supports two projects: a programme to prevent child labour and a programme to empower women. Both projects are managed by Kuapa Kokoo.  
In Ghana, cocoa beans are grown mostly in monoculture. Unfortunately, decades of this monoculture has leached the soils. In 2011, Chocolats Halba initiated a reforestation project in the Kumasi region. Over 150,000 trees have already been planted so far.