Direct and Fair

To us, a direct, personal working relationship means that we know the Fairtrade cooperatives that supply our cocoa and thus buy as directly as possible. We regularly visit our cocoa growers in their villages to discuss their needs as well as our joint projects. These partnerships provide benefits for all involved.

Fairtrade Cocoa

Chocolats Halba sources up to 97 percent of the cocoa beans exclusively from Fairtrade-certified cooperatives in Ghana, Ecuador, Peru and Honduras. The uncertified three percent comes from Honduras. As the quantities produced by most Honduran cooperatives are very small, Fairtrade certification has been too expensive for them so far. However, they aim to become certified in the coming years.
Fairtrade is the only certification system which guarantees a minimum price which at least covers the farmer's production costs. The cooperative receives a Fairtrade premium of 200 US dollars per ton of cocoa beans. The cooperatives invest part of this money in local social development projects. For example building schools in Ghana or Micro-loans and healthcare in Peru.
The cooperatives also invest part of the Fairtrade premium in improving their infrastructure. This is the first step towards better quality. The cooperatives also train their members in professional plantation management and improved harvesting practices, which leads to significantly improved quality and yields.