Sustainability Core Principles

Sustainable Purchasing

  • We prefer suppliers who produce particularly ecologically and / or socially. At comparable services, we prefer companies manufacturing in Switzerland.
  • We purchase cocoa beans directly & fairly and are committed to support sustainable cocoa farming.
  • We source our main raw and packaging materials based on independent standards and / or internal social - ethical and ecological procurement guidelines.

Resources and Climate

  • We produce carbon - neutral and with minimal use of resources.


  • We are a reliable employer offering attractive working conditions and are committed to the education and training of our employees. We foster an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.
  • Our employees are aware of our commitment to sustainability.

Market Power and Innovation

  • We create value for our customers by supporting them with sustainable product solutions  and services.

Integrated Communication

  • We promote sustainable consumption thorugh a transparent, credible and effective communication and lead a cooperative dialogue with authorities and stakeholders.

Processes and Tools

  • We define measurable objectives very cost-consciously and risk-based and implement these objectives consistently.
  • We are committed to fair competition and refuse any kind of corruption and bribery.

Download our Sustainability Core Principles as PDF